Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit

Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime with Keenfit

Incredible Discoveries | February 28, 2012 | by Incredible Discoveries

The following segment aired on Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Sheri Simson of Keenfit to discuss Keenfit Walking Poles.


Incredible Discoveries on Lifetime Television Guest: Sheri Simson


Incredible Discoveries: Walking is something Incredible Discoveries viewers do every day. We walk because we have to, we walk because we want to, and some of us even walk for exercise. Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise we can do, even though most people don’t think of it as a workout. Believe it or not – as healthy as walking can be for Incredible Discoveries viewers, you use less than 50% of your major muscles regardless of how fast you go or how hard you swing your arms.


Incredible Discoveries: Pole walking is a rhythmically, energizing form of walking that includes a specially designed pair of walking poles that engage the use of your entire body rather than just your lower half. So forget the old “no pain – no gain” mentality.  Incredible Discoveries shows you how you can get fit with Keenfit. Start today – take the Keenfit challenge and get your Keenfit walking poles and make your walk more beneficial. Your Keenfit walking poles come with cork-rubber-mix handles that absorb moisture for a safer more comfortable grip and ergonomically designed palm straps that eliminates hand cramping. These light-weight poles are made of aluminum-alloy and are completely adjustable for different heights. The passionate Sheri Simson, a.k.a. “the pole lady” and founder of Keenfit “the pole walking company” joins Incredible Discoveries.


Simson: We recently went to Kelowna, British Columbia to hear some very inspiring success stories first hand from a bunch of Keenfit pole walkers.


“When you exercise with these your whole body gets the workout, so you aren’t getting that flab that a lot of people do when they do lose a lot of weight,” says one walking pole user.


“You know, I’ve been a Phys-Ed teacher all my life and I’ve had kids that come in and they exercise, and I haven’t seen the results of tone bodies like you do when they work with the poles, so it is a really all around workout for you when you use them,” says another walking pole user.


Incredible Discoveries: Wow I can’t believe some of the amazing life-altering changes these Keenfit walking poles have made and the thing is – it just looks so easy and so fun, I’m ready to do, just show me how to get it started.


Simson: Ok, well one of the most important things is that we be sure your poles are set at the correct height, Okay?  They’re a 2 piece telescopic pole, they’re easy to adjust. Now, you don’t want to have them too high, because if the poles are too high, you’ll tend to wear out your pole feet too quickly.  If the poles are too low, you’ll tend to lean in to your walk and you can put unnecessary stress on your lower back, okay?  So you want to have them just right, your forearm should be parallel to the ground and maybe just a hair above.


Incredible Discoveries: Okay, I’ve got my pole height, what’s next?


Simson: Okay, well, next you want to make sure the feet of your poles are set correctly, you want to make sure they’re adjusted back and that the angle of your poles is back. Now, the strap also should be set just right, you don’t want them to be, your palm, to be too high or too tight around the wrist.  You want it to be just right.  It is a palm strap.


Incredible Discoveries: I’m sure our Incredible Discoveries viewers are wondering why there is a palm strap?


Simson: Well, the palm strap is to help you relax the grip on the handle, so you can enjoy your walk all the more.


Incredible Discoveries: That was totally awesome.  You know, I could feel it in my arms and in my legs, in my stomach, but no particular “one” area. You know what’s funny Sheri is that while I could feel it all over, it’s like this exhilarating experience, it’s hard to explain it, it feels like a workout but it doesn’t seem like work.


Simson: Yes, and plus remember, you’re standing taller and you’re breathing more efficiently.  So, because you’re breathing more efficiently, and you’re not just hauling your upper body around, your whole body is working, the effort is less.  So imagine a 30 minute walk at lunch time is like a 50 minute walk.


Incredible Discoveries: That’s unbelievable, you know, but I really think the facts speak for themselves.


Simson: I can tell you the Keenfit walking challenge is no challenge at all, it’s easy to do.  Each pair comes with two pairs of road feet to walk on paved roads and sidewalks, and one pair of trail feet with a beach-basket for softer trail-like surfaces.  Whether you’re a casual average walker or a serious athletic walker – anyone can pole walk.


Incredible Discoveries: Take the Keenfit walking pole challenge and get your Keenfit walking system today and walk your path to a healthier and happier life.



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